The Old Course Hotel St Andrews is Our November 2022 Hotel of the Month

Old Course Hotel St. Andrews, UK

One of the best hotels in the World is none other than The Old Course Hotel St Andrews sometimes referred to as the Old Lady or the Grand Old Lady, which is thought to be the oldest golf course. Along the Old Course golf course’s 17th fairway, the Old Course Hotel was constructed in the 1960s. It features one of the most famous views in all of golf, but it also has a lot to offer non-golfers, including the lovely university town of St. Andrews and a sizable spa and leisure complex.

About Old Course Hotel

One of the top resorts in the world, The Old Course Hotel, is well known. The hotel overlooks West Sands beach, the location of Chariots of Fire, and is just a short stroll from the historic town of St Andrews. It is situated three yards from the 17th fairway of the Old Course golf course, the most challenging par 4 in the world.

The Old Course Hotel, known for its kind greeting and courteous hospitality, has a fusion of traditionally elegant and modern decor.

The hotel offers a variety of dining options, from the Jigger Inn’s relaxed pub atmosphere to the Road Hole Restaurant’s fine dining with exquisite food and a view to match. The Kohler Waters Spa, the first of its kind outside of the United States, offers a 20-meter pool, a hydrotherapy room, and a relaxation area for guests to unwind. Alternately, use one of our unique treatments to relax the body and mind.

Our fitness center offers a variety of instructor-led or virtual courses, a cutting-edge gym, and a 20-meter lap pool. It is also open to members and guests.

There are 11 golf courses close to the hotel, including The Duke’s, the only heathland course in St. Andrews, and its own championship course. Golfers can practice, learn, or play some of the 60-accessible courses on the hotel’s indoor golf simulator. The Old Course Hotel is the ideal location for weddings, meetings, golf trips, or just getting away from it all because of its outstanding amenities and friendly hospitality.


The hotel offers breathtaking views of the renowned Road Hole, the last Tom Morris hole, and the little stone Swilcan Bridge, where all of the champions have stood for pictures. Beautiful West Sands, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, and the iconic Hamilton Grand are all visible in the distance. Thomas Hamilton famously designed the Hamilton Grand in 1895 to eclipse the R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews), which had excluded him, and the location of the fabled beach race in Chariots of Fire.

Style and Character

On the location of the former train station, the hotel was constructed in 1968. Except for the charming, whitewashed former stationmaster’s home that adjoins it and is a part of the complex as the Jigger Inn, it is not particularly attractive. Herb Kohler, a millionaire American, purchased it in 2004. He takes excellent care of the Old Course, as you could anticipate from a dedicated golfer who owns a hotel in golf paradise.

A £10 million renovation included new windows throughout, renovated rooms, and—most importantly—a roof that is ball-proof. Yes, the 17th fairway is so difficult that careless golfers have dropped shattered roof tiles in a shower.

Those useless golfers are now quite likely to have their balls bouncing back at them thanks to the installation of recycled vehicle tire-turned-tiles from a Canadian company. An antique collection of black & white golf photos gives the inside the feel of a big, sophisticated golf club.

Facilities and Services

The team is led by highly regarded general manager Stephen Carter OBE. Always prompt and courteous, the concierge personnel in particular provides exceptional service. A competent concierge will be the ideal host to you: helpful, amiable, passionate about their city, and knowledgeable. In addition to a freshly extended and improved Kohler Waters Spa and Leisure Complex, the hotel boasts its own golf course, Dukes, two miles away.

Herb Kohler, the owner, runs a global plumbing and bathroom company with headquarters in Wisconsin. The spa focuses on cutting-edge and sophisticated water and bathing therapies. It also offers excellent facials and massages using Comfort Zone, Voya, and Phytomer products, as well as Margaret Dabbs manicures and pedicures.


There are 35 suites among the 144 rooms, several of which have access to the well-known vista. The majority of these were created by Jacques Garcia, who used his distinctive strong striped wallpapers, rich crimson fabrics, and dark wood furnishings, albeit in a less extravagant way than at his renowned Costes hotels in Paris. Other spaces include lighter, creamier colors, contemporary artwork, and a more feminine aesthetic. The elegant bathrooms are all made by Kohler, of course.

Guests with impairments can access?

The spa includes facilities for people with disabilities, including one fully accessible room as well as mobility assistance in other rooms and on the ground floor.

Food and beverage

Excellent cuisine is served. In the Sands Grill, you can have a nicely cooked steak. I had a nutritious lunch of fresh mushroom soup and couscous salad in the Spa café, and I had a filling breakfast at the top-floor Road Hole Restaurant from a large buffet of hot foods like haggis and black pudding as well as bacon, sausages, and eggs.

Worth the Money

All year long, doubles start at £150 per night. Included is breakfast. Free WiFi.


There are rooms with couch beds and rooms that can be connected. Until 8 o’clock at night, kids are permitted in the dining areas. The hotel’s leisure complex hosts a kid-friendly “Splash Time” program every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the golf courses, you can take a golf lesson.