Hotels vs Motels

Hotels vs Motels Definitions

Hotels are establishments in a generally high building that offer paid lodging and sleeping accommodations to travelers and tourists on a short term basis.

Motels are establishments in a low building that provide paid overnight lodging to travelers and tourists with plenty of parking and easy access to highways.

Hotels and Motels are in some ways similar. For instance, they both have numbered rooms that are assigned to their guests. All rooms come with a bed or beds.  They all have a bathrooms in them.  They all have televisions, and they both offer housekeeping. Mostly for the most part Hotels and Motels come with swimming pools. They both have a front desk. Hotels and Motels both may come with some kind of continental (breakfast free or not).

Hotels vs Motels on Differences

The Differences  is that Motels rooms are accessible from the outdoor parking area. Hotels rooms are accessible generally by staircases, elevators and internal corridors.  Motels normally have less than 100 rooms.  Hotels can have over 1000 rooms.  Motels normally have 1 to 2 stories layout, while some Hotels can be as high as 100 stories. Motels normally do not have restaurants or a banquet hall, but most Hotels do.  One of the main difference between

Hotels vs Motels on Pricing

This is one of the major difference between Hotels and Motels, the price. Motel prices can range between $20 t0 $80 a night. Hotels on the other hand can range from $40 a night to up to $25000 a night depending on the Hotel you choose.

Hotels vs Motels on Appearance

Although there are a lot of Motels that look very nice and beautiful.  Most can not compare to some of the top High end Luxurious Hotels in appearance.  As the old saying goes “You get what you paid for.”